It is with great pleasure that we announce that our volunteer, Bob Manning, won the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Sidney Farber Volunteer Award. Below is a copy of the official announcement.

2004 Sidney Farber Volunteer Award

We are pleased to announce Mr. Robert Manning the recipient of the 2004 Sidney Farber Volunteer Award. There will be a ceremony for Bob on April 21 at 6 PM in the Shields Warren Building.

Mr. Manning, a volunteer since 1999, has contributed more than 5000 hours of service. Bob currently volunteers for the office of Dr. Steven Treon of Medical Oncology, where they study Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia. Bob consistently demonstrates hard work, compassion and dedication. “Spending hundreds of hours, Bob amassed the largest data bank on this disease which has provided such important advances as understanding the familial incidence, clinical presentation, and clinicopathological consequences,” say Treon.

Bob’s volunteerism is legendary throughout the Institute. Prior assignments include The Kraft Family Blood Donor Center and the GI/GU administrative offices. Bob is a platelet donor and travels throughout the U.S. and Europe transporting bone marrow. When approached about his activities, Bob often responds “I’m off to save another life.” Walking with Bob throughout the Institute can be a daunting task, “he knows everyone by name and can not seem to get across the hall without bumping into at least one good friend”, Zachary Hunter, Clinical Research Coordinator, Medical Oncology.

As a part of the award, Mr. Manning has been given $2,500 to bestow upon the program of his choice and we are honored to announce the he has decided to put these funds towards Waldenstrom’s Research.