I first met Zach in 2004 when I joined the Bing Center as a volunteer. He was managing clinical trials, and immediately became my "go-to" person when I needed help or advice on any technical issue. Zach created the first WM Workshop website, and then taught me how to maintain it. I was able to build on that knowledge to create other websites.

Zach created the initial serum bank database for WM patients. I was able to build off his work to create a database of thousands of samples. When I was working on an automated clinical data collection system for our WM patients, Zach was always there to help me solve some technical issue with an idea that I hadn't thought of. Sometimes (usually at a dinner, or some other "down time"), Zach & I would discuss the nature of the universe. I loved having these discussions with him, mainly because (with his physics background) I always walked away a little bit "smarter" - assuming that I could retain what he had just taught me!

It has been amazing to see the progression of knowledge and capability that Zach has contributed to the Bing Center, and cancer research in general, over these past 20 years. The survival rate for WM patients has increased by decades during this time, much of that progress due to his efforts. Zach was always willing to take on the most complex & challenging research efforts, which have directly contributed to the incredible progress being made in targeted genetic therapies.

I offer my congratulations to Dr. Zachary Hunter for 20 years of contributions to Dana-Farber, and making the Bing Center a world-class research & treatment center for patients with WM. And I also thank him for being a great human being, colleague, and friend. May the next 20 years lead to even bigger & better success!   -- Phil Brodsky

Photo: Dr. Kyle presenting the Robert A. Kyle Award to Zachary Hunter at the IWWM-9 in Amsterdam, October 6, 2016