On January 27, Dana Farber held a webinar to review the information regarding COVID-19 vaccinations for patients. Catherine Flynn (from the Bing Center Clinic) shares the following highlights from the webinar.  Note, the entire webinar was recorded and posted to Facebook, using the following link:



Patients are encouraged to keep up to date with vaccination opportunities in the community outside of DFCI, and for them to take any opportunity to get vaccinated elsewhere. Especially since we have a number of patients who are not actively on treatment. And we now know, as of this evening, that those who are not on treatment will not be in the first wave of patients vaccinated at DFCI.

-DFCI goal: offer covid vaccine to every DFCI patient in need of a vaccine. They plan to vaccinate DFCI patients until every patient seeking the vaccine is able to get it.

-DFCI will prioritize vaccinating patients actively on treatment first, with the rationale that they are the most vulnerable. They will start with DFCI patients 75+ on active treatment, then 65+ on active treatment, and so on. Then eventually DFCI will be able to offer vaccination to patients who are not actively being treated.
DFCI intends to offer vaccine to all DFCI patients at the appropriate time, once they are eligible.

-In state guidance, there is no language about limiting patients vaccinated based on what state they live in. At this time, state of residence does not seem to be a factor

-DFCI is strongly encouraging patients to get vaccine in the community if they are able to do so.

-How will DFCI contact patients: DFCI will reach out to patient via patient gateway, e-mail, or telephone to notify them once they are eligible to be vaccinated here. The message should include info on how they can schedule apt.

-In the webinar, they encourage patients to check the DFCI covid vaccine website for updates. It will continue to be regularly updated.

Other FYIs:
-Vaccination apt will be scheduled at a vaccine clinic in a central location. NOT associated with usual DFCI oncology apts.
-No walk-ins for vaccine
-No vaccinations of family or friends. DFCI patients only.
-Whatever vaccination site you receive the first dose at, is also where you should be receiving the second dose.
-Consult with allergist and/or PCP first if you have had a severe reaction to vaccine
-Recommending buffer of 2 weeks minimum between covid-19 vaccine and other vaccines.