As most of you know, the 2020 IWMF Educational Forum will be virtual/online and is coming soon (August 27-28) - see agenda and registration details at: https://www.iwmf.com/news-and-events/iwmf-educational-forum.

The “Ask the Doctor Panel” has traditionally been the "capstone" session of the entire Ed Forum, and always proves to be illuminating to all in attendance!

During the session, a panel of our WM clinical and research luminaries from around the world take questions and respond to them. This year, we'll be collecting questions in advance - via the meeting registration form, and from Connect and Facebook members. Our panel moderator (this year it’s Dr. Tom Hoffmann) will sort through them and select those that are most appropriate and can be addressed by the panel. Please note that due to time constraints, we may not be able to address all the questions that are submitted (after all, we Waldenfriends are a very inquisitive group!).

This year especially, we are encouraging the IWMF community around the world to pose questions "virtually", whether you'll be able to attend the live online session or not. So, all you “Walden-friends” out there, here's you opportunity to participate and have your burning questions answered!

The parameters are:

1. The question should be one that pertains to more than just your own particular medical condition (that is, don't state all your blood counts, symptoms, and values and ask for a personal diagnosis/treatment plan).

2. Submit your question here to this list - as some questions may spur others of us to ask related questions. The beginning of your message/posting should be "Ask the Doctors".

That's it...it's that simple.

Again, don't be offended because your question was not selected. There's only a finite amount of time during the Ask the Doctor session, and Dr. Hoffmann will do his best to select those questions that are most interesting or have the most impact on the WM patient/caregiver community.

After the Ed Forum is over, Secret Wallie will transcribe which questions got answered, and there will be a video available via the IWMF website afterwards if you were not able to view the live session at the end of this month.

So...start tapping away at the keyboard.....

Sample questions:
1. Is there a "best" treatment option for a newly diagnosed person who is symptomatic?
2. Should patients with chronically low IgG levels get IVIG Treatment? Does IVIG treatment cause IgM flare? Should someone with hypogammaglobulinemia, but with elevated IgM be concerned about IgM flare during IVIG treatment?
3. Can/should ibrutinib be used in combination with other types of treatment? Is there an optimal dose for ibrutinib?
4. What’s the next “silver bullet” we should be keeping an eye on – is it venetoclax, or are there other treatments showing great promise?

There you go...I've primed the pump...

PS....if you haven't already registered....consider doing so now! I'm looking forward to "seeing" many of you there!

-- Peter Denardis

For more information about the Ed Forum, to see the agenda, and to register: