UPDATED 4/1/2020: CancerCare, in association with the IWMF, is holding a Teleconference titled –  The Latest News in the Treatment of Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia on Thursday, March 19th  from 1:10-2:30  pm Eastern Time (ET). Presenting will be Steven Treon, MD, Ph.D, Christian Buske, MD, Carolyn Messner, DSW, OSW-C, FAPOS, FAOSW, and Carl Harrington (IWMF).

Update as of 4/1/2020:

To access an audio or webcast replay online, please visit:


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We expect to reach over 750 participants on this Workshop, so this will be a very large program. This Teleconference enables people living with WM, their families, partners, loved ones and caregivers to listen to this program in an accessible manner, either listening on the telephone or via live streaming through the internet.

The topics to be addressed include: overview and what’s new in the treatment of WM; symptoms & signs; front line treatment of WM; treatment for relapsed/refractory WM; standard of care & new treatment approaches for WM; clinical trial updates; managing symptoms & side effects, including controlling complications; managing peripheral neuropathy; key questions to ask your health care team, including treatment follow-up care; quality-of-life concerns; and mapping the future of WM.

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For over five years, we have been partnering with IWMF on all our WM programs. This collaboration has increased the scope, reach and depth of these programs to the great benefit of all those living and coping with WM.

Since the inception of this program, we have developed a way to reach the public that overcomes the logistical barriers to attending onsite workshops: travel and the costs of travel to onsite workshops; the rigors of treatment and side effects, including fatigue, that make it difficult for patients and their loved ones to travel to onsite workshops; and patient’s busy lives and responsibilities that preclude attending onsite workshops. We have enabled millions of patients to access critically important information both during the live workshops as well as telephone replays and podcasts using phone technology and the internet that saves all our national and international participants’ valuable time.

For more information about this teleconference, and to register, please click on the image below to download the brochure:

CancerCare Teleconference 3-19-2020 Brochure