The videos from the 5th International Patient-Physician Summit on WM have been posted to the Bing Center YouTube Channel. Please visit https://www.youtube.com/user/bingcenterforwm to access the entire list of videos.

PLEASE NOTE: The viewpoints represented by speakers are personal, are provided for educational purposes only, and are not meant to convey specific medical advice for individuals. Patients are urged to review such information with their physicians.

You may access each video individually via the following links:

Intro/Session-1: Genomics in the Diagnosis and Management of WM

Session-2: Predisposition to WM

Session-3: Disease Presentation in WM

Session-4: Genomic Landscape of WM

Session-5/Keynotes: Clinical Trials Updates in WM: Rituximab-based therapy

Session-6: Clinical Trial Updates in WM: Proteasome- Inhibitors

Session-7: Clinical Trials Updates in WM: Ibrutinib

Session-8/Case-Studies: Clinical Trials Updates in WM: Novel Agents in WM

Session-9/Wrapup: Associated and Secondary Malignancy Risks in WM Patients