The 2016 IWMF Doctor-Patient Forum was held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on October 9, 2016 at the Renaissance Hotel downtown. The latest research and clinical treatment approaches were presented at the conclusion of the 9th International Workshop on WM and Symposium on Advances in Multiple Myeloma. Attendees got to hear the latest news about exciting research advances direct from the top investigators and clinicians in this field.

2016 Doctor-Patient Forum Presenters

The presentations from this session may be downloaded and viewed by clicking the images below.

WM Diagnostics, Symptoms, & Treatment Criteria

Predispositions: Familial & Secondary Cancers

Biomarkers & Genomic Targets: MYD88 & CXCR4

Disease Morbidities I: PN, Bing-Neel, Renal

Upfront Treatment Approaches

Relapsed/Refractory Approaches

Disease Morbidities II: Amyloid, IgM Related Disorders, Hyperviscosity and Cryos

Self-Management: Fitness, Supplements, Diet & Fatigue