At the invitation of Spanish Hematology and Blood Bank Societies, (SEHH/SETH)), Dr. Treon attended the Annual Congress of SEHH/SETH which was held October 21-October 24 in Valencia, Spain. Dr. Treon delivered a lecture on “Genomic Advances in Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia”, and “Shifting Paradigms in Lymphoid Neoplasia” at the L’Hemisferic” sponsored by Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Treon also co-chaired with Dr. Ramon Garcia-Sanz of the University of Salamanca two workshops on WM that were attended by Spanish Hematologists who were interested in practical approaches to the care of WM patients. The SEHH/SETH meeting was attended by over 3,000 physicians and scientists and featured many international speakers.

Faculty of the Symposium on Shifting Paradigms in Lymphoid Neoplasia held at L’Hemisferic” in Valencia Spain (L to R):

  • Dr. Bosch (Hospital Vali d’Hebron, Barcelona, Spain)
  • Dr. Treon (Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA)
  • Ms. Taberna Gonzalez (Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Spain)
  • Dr. Cuneo (Hospital Universitario S. Anna, Ferrara, Italy)
  • Dr. Terol (Hospital Clinico Universitario, Valencia, Spain)
  • Dr. Lopez Guillermo (Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain)