July 8, 2015: Meet Josephine Vos, MD: she will be working as a research fellow at the Bing center for 6 months starting this week!

Dr. Josephine Vos is an internist-hematologist from the Netherlands (St. Antonius Hospital). She became interested in Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinaemia towards the end of her clinical training. She then became part of the team that wrote the first Dutch National guideline for WM as well as the protocol for the first Dutch clinical trial for WM patients. Two years ago, the Dutch team payed a very inspiring working visit to the Bing Center. The teams have been collaborating since then, and the next international WM workshop (IWWM9) will be held in Dr. Vos's home town of Amsterdam in October, 2016. Recently, Dr. Vos has been working towards a PhD in Waldenstrom's disease (affiliated with the University of Amsterdam) alongside her clinical job as a hematologist. For the next 6 months she will focus on the further exploration and characterization of respones in hemoglobin levels and bone marrow responses after novel treatments in WM. Also, she hopes to dedicate a portion of her team joining the WM clinics in order to bring home as much knowledge about WM as possible. In Dr. Vos's own words, "I want to thank all the Bing Center staff for hosting me here and I am looking forward to a very inspiring time here!"

Here are some links to institutions and programs that Dr. Vos is involved with:

St. Antonius Hospital: http://www.antoniusziekenhuis.nl/

University of Amsterdam: http://www.lymmcare.nl/

Link to the Dutch Guideline: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23462052

Link to the first Dutch clinical trial: http://hovon.nl/studies/studies-per-ziektebeeld/nhl.html?action=showstudie&studie_id=101&categorie_id=1