The 4th International Patient and Physician Summit on WM was held March 11-13, 2011 at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel, Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL. Over 300 patients, caregivers, and their families attended this 3 day conference, which included 7 sessions with 23 technical presentations from 17 faculty speakers, including 5 debates, and 6 case presentations. In addition were special guest presentations by Karen Lee Sobol, author of "Twelve

Weeks, An Artist's Story of Cancer, Healing, and Hope", and Judith May, president of the IWMF, who gave an overview of this organization's vital role in the continuing education and support of people with Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia.

In addition to the conference sessions was an evening dinner event at the 27Skywalk and a poolside gala, where patients and family members joined with the faculty to share some good food and conversation in a relaxed atmosphere.

Please visit our Summit website where you may review faculty directory and biographies, abstracts and presentations from the lectures, as well as the conference agenda, and many photos from the conference and evening events.

The DVD set for this conference is now available. This DVD set contains the entire proceedings of the 4th International Patient & Physician Summit on WM. The 7-DVD set contains introductory remarks by Drs. Treon and Merlini, all lectures and panel discussions for 5 sessions, a 6th session containing all 5 debates, and a 7th session containing all Case Presentations. Also included are two special guest lectures by Karen Lee Sobol and Judith May.

You may order this DVD set by visiting the WM Summit website at the following link:


We hope that this conference has provided an opportunity for patients and caregivers to learn firsthand, from our frontline researchers, the latest in the genetic basis, pathogenesis, and treatment of WM, and enriched each attendees understanding of this disease.