56th ASH Annual Meeting & Exposition, December 6-9, 2014, Moscone Center, San Fransisco, CA. Sandra Kanan, N.P and Jorge Castillo, MD represented the Bing Center at this meeting, with Sandra presenting a poster outlining the latest findings on Rituximab intolerance and Jorge doing an oral presentation on risks of development of secondary cancers in WM patients.

We evaluated the risk of developing secondary cancers as well as the outcome of these cancers in patients with a diagnosis of Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia (WM). We used the SEER database for this purpose. The SEER database accounts for 28% of the US population. Our study identified 681 cancers among 4676 patients with WM. The risk was significantly higher for cancers of the lung, urinary tract, thyroid, melanoma, aggressive lymphoma and acute leukemia in patients with WM when compared with the general population. Additionally, the outcome of patients with colon cancer, melanoma and aggressive lymphoma were worse in patients with WM compared with patients with these cancers but without WM. The worse survival in WM patients with colon cancer and melanoma underscores the need for guideline-adherent screening and therapy.

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